To the Editor:

In response to “If You Don’t Like it Then Leave.” Why do we choose to write these hateful letters? 

You’re basically saying that you’re okay with someone’s identities if they aren’t visible to you and don’t make you uncomfortable. Why do they have to dress a certain way, act a certain way, talk a certain way to make you feel better?

This is a hateful trend that I see throughout our community. It makes me sad that most of the people that make these statements do so due to a lack of education. 

We already have deep-running prejudices in us, from messages shared with us in media and society. 

We don’t even recognize that they’re there because of a lack of exposure and education around differences.

“Racism is Taught:” yes, and even more important, anti-racism needs to be taught. It’s not good enough to not teach racism. 

If you don’t have conversations with kids about what’s going on in the world, the racism and prejudices that exist, and how they need to speak up against it, then they will become silent like so many others and that doesn’t help our world.

Teaching nothing can be just as harmful as teaching racism. My children, and all the other POC in this community, need us to teach anti-racism. 

That requires conversation that might not always be comfortable but you will be better for it. When someone says or does something racist or prejudice speak up. 

When our world excludes and erases the presence, voices and accomplishments of black, brown and LGBTQ+ people, presently and in history, speak up. Make sure the voices and stories of all our people are told.

I have privilege but I run with those who don’t, and I’ll give up everything to make that change.

Cathie Hillian


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