To the Editor:

Project Graduation is Watertown High School’s annual all-night drug and alcohol free celebration on graduation night. Participation in this project keeps our graduates free from the planned or accidental use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

We have been providing this event for over 30 years with strong attendance. It is a tradition in our community. It additionally serves to prevent the tragedy that all too frequently occurs when drugs and alcohol are involved.

This event allows the seniors one more night with classmates in a safe environment. The event scheduled for June 14th consists of great food, photo booth, magician, hypnotist, gaming caves, basketball, swimming, volleyball, ping pong, a Bungee Run, games, raffles and more.

The community-based committee working with the Watertown High School PTO organizes Project Graduation and raises funds each year to make the celebration a reality.

We are grateful for Watertown’s incredible generosity in the past and are once again asking for your help and support for the all-night drug free celebration.

Please consider making a donation to support this year’s effort. A donation helps to fund the events and costs associated with the evening.

Make checks payable to WHS Project Graduation and mail to: WHS PROJECT GRAD, 324 French St., Watertown 06795. A link to donate your time is on the Watertown High School website: on the main webpage.

Please support Project Graduation. Thank you for your consideration of this request. If you have any questions, please contact the committee via email at


Katie Consalvo, PTO President

Lisa Cattaneo, PTO Treasurer

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