To the Editor:

As a state marshal and former deputy sheriff for 29 years, I read the June 4th letter “The System is Rigged” with dismay and disgust. It is obvious that Katherine Camara has a bone to pick with the town of Watertown, but her method of attacking town officials for whatever goal is unacceptable.

Her attacks on State Marshal Mark Raimo and his wife Kathleen are unwarranted. 

Mark served as a Watertown police officer for many years with distinction. 

He has also served as a constable working for the tax collector many years prior to his wife being elected to the town council in 2017.

State marshals are independent contractors governed by the State Marshal Commission. As a part of our duties, we collect taxes, and garnish wages and bank accounts. 

Our fees are set by Connecticut General Statutes and we are required to maintain a trustee account which is subject to audit at any time. 

It is the tax collector’s right to hire the constable or marshal of their choice as we all collect the same percentage fee by law. Additionally, our fees are paid by the person owing the delinquent taxes, not the municipality.

It is obvious Ms. Camara did not do her homework as her comments border on libel. 

They are an attack on the integrity of all state marshals and tax collectors who are performing their duties pursuant to Connecticut laws. 

Additionally, they are hurtful to these individuals and their families. 

Seeing these attacks on those willing to serve their community is the reason it is becoming more difficult finding residents to do so.

Shame, shame Ms. Camara.


Julianne Ingham


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