To the Editor:

Kellie Lambert, who penned a letter here last week, just doesn’t get it. She doesn’t know why she can’t have her way when far more people disagree rather than agree with her. Wake up Kellie, it’s the American way.

Kellie went to Watertown High. So what.

Most of the 1,000-plus petitioners who signed the document circulated by her opponents disagreed with the egotistical Lambert, the two damp-diaper trouble makers, and lefty-leaning principal and her husband who just wanted publicity and change.

Most disappointing in Lambert’s misguided missive was the idea the student body was embarrassed by the Indian. 

So what? Most students would oppose finding a $100 bill if the vitriol for that deed came from the principal’s chair. 

People familiar with the Indian’s history are the ones that are important.

Perhaps Lambert was trying to fill the shoes of her late father, a well respected member of the school board, with a sneaky weapon like the virtual meeting, where insignificant blabbers can fire away with no retaliation.

Most of the sneaks in the tasteless ax-the-Indian cabal and the pitifully weak school board fell right in line.

Much rumbling around town wants the Indian lovers to have an uprising. It should be forthcoming if the town doesn’t kowtow to a group of loudmouth lefties and a spineless board, which should be voted out if the ruling persists.

Ax-wielding board members need very close perusal. And unless the ax is put away, they, including the chairperson, should be left at the stake in the next election.

Lambert feels she’s an expert on just about everything, but when it comes to Indians, she gets an F for Forget it.

Richard Avoletta


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