To the Editor:

Lies, lying and the liars who tell them. There are some who decry lies coming out of D.C. Admittedly D.C. is not known as a bastion of truth-telling, but the Current Occupant Of The Oval Office, #COOTOO, has raised, or is it lowered, it to a new level.

The first doozie was the “birther” lie regarding President Obama, proven many times to be incorrect, aka a lie.

And this one: “I will build a great wall on our southern border. And I will make Mexico pay for it.” 6/16/2015. Still waiting for those pesos, are you? Substitute dollars, $2.5 billion of them, which COOTOO is trying to take from the defense budget to pay for his wall.

How about this one: “I will never lie to you.” 8/18/2016. That in itself was a prophetic lie.

Then there’s the one about tariffs. Repeatedly he has stated that the Chinese are paying them. 

Perhaps some missed the news that the federal government will be paying American farmers $15 billion as compensation for losses sustained for lost product sales to China.

The latest estimate I saw was that the current level of tariffs on Chinese goods are costing American consumers approximately $600 a year.

Then there’s COOTOO’s claim that Ted Cruz’s father was mixed up with Oswald and the JFK assassination.

How about... there were thousands cheering from New Jersey when the Trade Center was attacked. 7/22/2016.

COOTOO has told so many lies, actually hard to count them all. If he were Pinocchio, he wouldn’t need any money for a wall. 

Just use his nose: it would do the job. There’s a cottage industry trying to track his lies.

The sooner COOTOO is relegated to the slag heap of history, the better.


Joe Pawlak


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