To the Editor:

We are experiencing an international emergency. Many people the world over are succumbing to the ravages of the corona pandemic.

How we deal with this emergency will define the mettle of our leaders and our population for the future.

Every nation is dealing with the problem in their own way. Italy is one of the nations in Europe most affected by the ravages of the virus. With a population of 60 million, they have over 1,800 deaths.

In past emergencies, the Italians always blamed the government for their woes. 

On Saturday, I was pleased by what I saw on Facebook. All the houses and balconies were adorned with Italian flags. The atmosphere was festive and the people were happy, listening to and singing their national anthem. They brought light to a pandemic problem.

Here in the United States, our president first learned of the virus in December. He soon recognized the imminent problems and tried to implement preventive measures. He put a stop on all travel to and from China. The loyal opposition accused him of overreacting.

They ridiculed his efforts. Now that we have a national emergency, they are being loud in their accusation: Trump is not doing enough to ameliorate the problem. 

In comparison to the epidemic in a previous administration, President Trump rose to the occasion and instituted positive and effective measures to contain the virus.

This is not the time for our legislative leaders to insult and demean. Rather, it is time for them to get to work on helping to stop the epidemic and improve the lives of our citizens.

Being patriotic and respecting our president’s effort will go a long way toward improving the mental and physical health of our nation.


Rocco M. Calabrese


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