To the Editor:

Our country was envisioned by idealists and shaped out of the wilderness.

Some of the colonists responsible for our country’s birth were well positioned people, land owners and artisans. Others were indentured servants and slaves. All yearned for a better life.

This group of dreamers revolted against their masters and within a short period of time they formed a new nation which grew to become the envy of some and the beacon of light and hope for many others the world over.

All races and colors were brought here, but they all worked in unison to create a better life for themselves. Creating progress takes time, sweat and fortitude of spirit. Our forefathers created a great country and bestowed on us a great inheritance to cherish and keep alive forever.

After their victory, they spent three years in writing the seven articles of the Constitution and three more years to write the ten Bill of Rights. They were very meticulous in all their undertakings.

Their best gift to us, members of this new generation, was the power to vote for our lawmakers in a timely fashion, in a prescribed place and by a secret ballot. This worked well for many years. There have been cases and periods of voting fraud: The era of Tammany Hall in New York, misdeeds in Chicago and the voting shenanigans under Mayor Curley of Boston come to mind.

Today the Democrats want to eviscerate our Constitution and change our voting habits: They want mail in ballots. Why? Have we become so effete and lost all sensibilities? Washington’s soldiers at Valley Forge, freezing, poorly dressed and shoeless, won our freedom. We should be able to vote, in person, to save our republic. Voting by mail opens the door to voting fraud.


Rocco M. Calabrese


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