To the Editor:

I have been married to Sean Butterly for 45 years this summer. There has never been a dull moment.

However, I do cringe a little when he is telling me about the 900-page Hamilton book he just read or why Ted Williams is the greatest hitter that ever lived. This year is lively as ever as Sean is a candidate for the 68th district representative seat.

On Memorial Day in 1988, Sean was the incumbent 68th district state representative for all of Woodbury and part of Watertown. He had upset a Republican opponent in 1986, who had been elected by a margin of 4,000 votes in 1984.

Sean loved campaigning for the seat. He loved serving even more. 

On that Memorial Day, Sean made the most difficult sacrifice of our marriage. He was honored to give the speech at the Watertown Veterans’ monuments. He came home and called the newspaper and said he would not seek reelection that fall. 

His young family needed him at home. Even sitting governor Bill O’Neill could not change Sean’s mind.

Sean was fully involved with our sons Casey and Rory until they graduated from WHS in 1999 and 2001, respectively. He helped coach football and baseball at WHS. He coached a St. John’s CYO basketball team. He took our sons to over 20 major league ballparks. Sean is at his best when he is helping kids, and he wants to serve on the Education Committee again in Hartford.

I am so proud to endorse my husband and soulmate as he tilts another windmill and tries to pull another upset in the 68th district race on November 3rd.


Dinah Butterly


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