To the Editor:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, inside a cave or on some remote mountaintop, it’s impossible to turn on the news and not see the chaos, rioting and lawlessness taking place in major cities throughout this once great country that men and women, like my father, fought in wars to protect and defend against its foreign enemies.

Sadly, the enemies we face today come from within our own country and are not limited to ANTIFA, BLM and other groups who align with their ideology. 

They are the feckless and cowardly governors, mayors and politicians who have failed to uphold their oaths of office by allowing continued rioting, destruction of statues, businesses, assaults on law enforcement, etc. while enacting policies and laws that support and encourage these domestic terrorists.

A perfect example of this was the sad lack of courage in the recent vote in the Connecticut House of Representatives, which voted in favor of the bill regarding Police Accountability and to remove the current Qualified Immunity provisions.

To quote Ned Lamont: “Look, I think on pretty short order since the murder of George Floyd we had to demonstrate in no uncertain terms what it meant in terms of accountability...”

Actually Ned, this bill accomplishes just the opposite. It throws the entire Connecticut law enforcement community under the bus, green lights further criminal acts, places innocent lives in danger and makes our communities less safe. 

God bless our law enforcement officers who continue to serve under these barbaric conditions.


Joyce Palladino


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