To the Editor:

Drain the Swamp sound familiar?

One of the 2016 Republican nominee’s rallying cries. He was referring to, among other things, the unholy alliance, cozy relationship, merry-go-round between D.C. and lobbyists. He was going to end all that. On January 28, 2017, he signed an executive order regarding lobbyists. Several conditions prohibited post administration employment, and while in the administration, work activity relative to previous employment activity. They couldn’t have anything to do with actions regarding businesses/areas in which they worked prior to joining the administration.

Let’s see how that’s going.

Secretary of Defense: Patrick M. Shanahan, vice president of Boeing: withdrawn. No potential conflict there, right?

Mark Esper, Raytheon, lobbyist for Raytheon, the nation’s third largest defense contractor. Certainly no possible conflict there. When questioned about possible conflicts of interest at his senate confirmation hearing, and his willingness to recuse himself from DOD decisions regarding Raytheon, Esper refused to answer. Work for you?

EPA Administrator: Andrew Wheeler, coal company lobbyist. Now here’s a guy we want overseeing the quality of our air and the purity of our water.

Interior Secretary: David Bernhardt, oil and natural gas industry lobbyist. Another stellar choice. Let’s let old Dave make all those environmentally important decisions regarding whether or not pristine areas of the U.S. should be released from federal protections.

Health and Human Services Secretary: Alex Azar, pharma/drug company lobbyist. Oh, absolutely, sign him right up. Opioid epidemic ring a bell with anyone?

By last count, there were a total of 194 lobbyists hired by COOTOO, of which 157 are still working in the government!

I think I know why COOTOO wanted to “Drain The Swamp.” He wanted to make room for his unique brand of putrid pond scum.


Joe Pawlak


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