To the Editor:

“I’m going to surround myself with only the best and most serious people. We want top of the line professionals.” So said the Current Occupant of the Oval Office #COOTOO, in a taped phone interview with Robert Costa.

“We need to get the best and the finest.” COOTOO televised interview, 9/15/2016.

So how’s that going?

Tom Price, Secretary, HHS: forced to resign amid accusations of spending at least $341,000 on excessive travel.

Scott Pruitt, EPA administrator: forced to resign over ethics scandals.

Michael Flynn, national security advisor: guilty of federal charges.

Paul Manafort, COOTOO’s campaign manager: guilty of numerous charges.

Rick Gates, COOTOO’s assistant campaign manager: guilty of federal charges.

Rob Porter, COOTOO’s White House staff secretary: forced to resign amid domestic abuse charges.

Bill Shine, deputy communications chief of staff: forced to resign over sexual harassment charges.

Jeff Sessions, attorney general: fired.

George Papadopoulos, COOTOO foreign policy advisor: guilty.

Anthony Scaramucci, communications director; resigned/fired.

Reince Priebus, chief of staff: fired.

Alex Acosta, Secretary of Labor: forced to resign. He of the sweetheart sentencing deal for Jeffrey Epstein.

Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior: forced to resign 12/15/2018 amid ethics probes.

John Bolton, national security advisor: fired or resigned.

Fifty of 65 top level personnel have turned over. The above is but a short listing of that group. And these are but a few who have left “under pressure.”

One must wonder about how COOTOO defines the “best” or the “finest.”

I have every confidence that more sludge will rise to the surface. There are still a few ongoing inquiries and possible court cases yet to be disclosed or resolved.

Stay tuned. As Sonny and Cher once said… “The beat goes on.”


Joe Pawlak


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