To the Editor:

Isn’t it funny how when some people get their way they’re the first ones to tell the opposition, let’s move forward, get over it, don’t be a big baby. Yes, I’m talking about our Indian mascot. This isn’t going away because there are too many people who are still very upset over this, especially a lot of kids.

Did anyone bother to ask them what they thought? In the 80s, when they first tried this ridiculous change, they let the high school kids voice their opinion and they overwhelmingly voted to keep the mascot. So why weren’t they asked this time? I think we know the answer.

Letters were sent to the BOE pleading to postpone the vote until the pandemic was over so there could be live Town Hall meetings and a question on the next ballot so the BOE can see how the town really felt. But for some reason this had to be rushed through before really hearing the voice of the town. No one’s proven that the mascot is harmful to school environments, no one’s proven it could cause legal problems, no one’s proven it dehumanizes a race of people.

Fact is Native Americans are actually proud when used as mascots in good taste, like our mascot always was. My question is, if they don’t have a problem with it then why do you? It’s a lot more than just a symbol to us.

This is far from the number one issue in town, and I don’t think school budgets will be voted down because of this. 

I don’t think the focus on education will change. I don’t think good people will be voted out. But in case I’m wrong just remember supporters didn’t put this in motion. Sorry, not moving forward yet.

Joe Vitone


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