To the Editor:

The recent passing of Thomas B. Nolan is a huge loss in our community. He was a fifty year resident who touched so many lives, particularly those of us in the community that loved sports.

When he first came to town, Tom coached Pop Warner football and I was playing for Watertown High and then Lafayette College. He asked me to come to a practice and talk to the Pop Warner players about high school and college football. I was so happy he asked. It was the first time a Watertown parent reached out to me to speak to any group. I think that moment helped guide me towards coaching sports and teaching in my life.

Tom’s own children became very key parts of the Watertown sports teams, and later starred at the college level. Tom, Jr. quarterbacked at WHS and then started as Southern Connecticut‘s quarterback. Danny Nolan was the center and captain of the University of New Hampshire basketball team. Michael Nolan persevered in the tough competition of UCONN football and in his final season, was an absolute star for the Huskies.

Tom was a fighting Marine who exuded patriotism. He was a businessman who used his Irish gift of gab and winsome personality to be a success and feed a family of six. He was a religious man who, together with his faithful wife Rose, lived a life that stressed service to family above all.

Within one short year we have lost two United States Marine Corp veterans, Tom Nolan and Avery Lamphier. They are bedrocks of this community, never to be forgotten.

Sean Butterly


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