To the Editor:

In March it will have been 10 years since the Watertown High School hockey team won the state title. I had never been prouder to be an Indian, a legacy that reached far into the past and I had always assumed would continue for generations to come. That legacy, a common thread that has united Watertown High School alumni for as long back as anyone I know can remember, now seems to be in danger.

There’s been a growing movement to remove the Indian from the jerseys of our teams. A symbol all of our mothers and fathers can remember fighting for, be it on the athletic or the academic field. A symbol that we were all happy to be.

No one picks a mascot that isn’t strong, courageous, or otherwise enviable or inspiring. The Indian we all wore on jerseys and t-shirts is not a poorly done caricature, it is instead a tribute to the tough, resilient people that our forefathers bought the land we now call home from.

I for one did not see the brave on the front of my jersey as anything other than a symbol of strength. Something that connected me to the legacy of my parents and would potentially be a common mascot of my children. A symbol of endurance. Think about what we lose when we remove that from our community.

The ties we sever in the name of political correctness can never be rebuilt. Remember that before you willfully buck the grand traditions of our town at the first chance of hollow self-righteousness.

Trevor St.-Onge

Class of ‘13


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