To the Editor:

Sun, Moon & Stars, Inc. would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to so many during Autism Awareness Month.

April started out with an event at Carvel/G’s Burgers of Watertown on World Autism Day. Gratitude to George and Gloria Tsioflikis. 

Family and friends dined and had dessert with a donation coming back to Sun, Moon & Stars. 

The Watertown Lions made a generous donation for our new Adaptive Group Swim Program, The Starfish Swim Club. 

They have been very supportive of our work in the autism community.

Sydney Rybczyk, a student at WAMS, was thoughtful enough to put a Build-A-Bar Fundraiser together for us at Fascia’s Chocolate. 

Over 48 people came in to make delicious chocolate bars.

An Evening Out With Sun, Moon & Stars was an extraordinary event made possible by our co-sponsors the Grand Oak Villa and CT Music Therapy, along with Dawn’s Pizzazz LLC, Dr. Jack McHugh, Flanders Nature Center, Stanley Black & Decker, Katherine Montoya and Cakes & Sweets By Emanuela.

Planning committee members Krista Palomba (Master of Ceremonies), Heather Byron and Abbi Nelson, as well as our volunteers Stacey Lallier, Sherry LeClerc, Kate Keller, Dante Romaine, Sue Semeraro, Cheryl White, Chrissy Miller, Savannah Storino and Lynn Cuttitta, made for a fun and seamless event.

The generosity from our vendors, those that donated items and our family and friends that came out to enjoy this event was extraordinary.

We wish to thank everyone for supporting the work Sun, Moon & Stars is doing in our local autism community. 

We are truly raising autism awareness and acceptance within the Greater Watertown area.


Mark, Christine 

and Domenic Faressa

Sun, Moon & Stars, lnc.

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