To the Editor:

I would like to thank the employee who drove his town truck and took out three feet of my yard trying to plow a street corner after the last snowstorm. You missed the street by three feet. I think you need to go back to plow-driving school or put the training wheels back on.

I am used to our yard getting nicked each year by the plows around that corner but not this much. You also broke the end of our sidewalk. The town usually puts up stakes at the end of our yard by the curb to warn the drivers where the street ends but they didn’t this year.

I have pounded in two long pieces of wood in place of the missing stakes and hopefully the driver sees them next time. I will dig out the deep tire tracks in my dirt in the spring and I will replant the grass. It will grow back.

What won’t grow back soon is the confidence I have in the direction this town is heading after reading the negative letters in this newspaper lately about our new town manager and his associates. What alarms me is that it is not just one person but multiple people who are talking negatively about these people.

I grew up here and never really paid attention to local politics. I always had faith that the people in charge in this town were doing the right thing. That is no longer true. Everyone who lives in this town needs to start paying much closer attention to what is happening around us. I hope Watertown doesn’t end up being one of those towns that is always in the headlines for the wrong reasons. That would be a shame.

Brian Ragaglia


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