To the Editor:

Saturday night my family and I attended the installation of officers at the Pontelandolfo Community Club. 

It was a memorable event. It was the coming together of two cultures, Italian and American.

The event began with the playing of the two national anthems, the Italian and then the “Star Spangled Banner.” 

Thus, we all remembered our country of origin and also honored our welcoming country.

As befitted the occasion, the club presented a number of scholarships to students of the area, honoring the memory of some members while aiding some worthy scholars on their way to a successful life.

Like all immigrants through the ages, we came here to improve our lifestyle and our economic situations, not to foment changes in the laws. Every nationality represented in America today had to go through the process of change and assimilation.

We don’t need to number all the insulting epithets immigrants had to suffer. 

Suffice it to say that all nationalities felt a strong desire to endure the adversities and become Americans.

In dire emergencies, all nationalities and races have joined together to honor and preserve our country. 

Today we should follow their idealism and their lead.

As citizens of the USA, we should have one desire: love and cherish our culture, and most importantly our laws.

We must not learn to extend our hands to take from our country. 

Instead, we must use our hands to help others accomplish their dreams. 

We need to remember our land of origin, but we must venerate our adopted mother who gave us life, liberty and all the advantages to enjoy both.


Rocco M. Calabrese


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