To the Editor:

It is great news for our town that Town Manager Mark Raimo and School Superintendent Dr. Alison Villanueva are designing and building a “Tribute to the History and Legacy of Native Americans and Watertown.”

As a non-native Watertown resident, I did not want to weigh in on the controversy regarding the high school mascot. Honestly, I have been surprised at the deep emotional response.

This important effort is a way to heal the rift that exists in Watertown. 

The acknowledgement of the area’s indigenous peoples can also acknowledge to people the importance of their love for the former mascot.

The deep division caused by this decision has caused speculation of how it is a reflection of political divisions. 

The sharp emotions of political divisions have hurt Watertown, just as these divisions hurt our country. Perhaps it is time to stop name-calling and start listening to each other.

In our strong beliefs we sometimes may lash out at others we do not agree with. This can be caused by fear, and not having the knowledge of how to deal with change. Depression, anxiety and other personal issues can also cause us to lash out at others.

During this past one and one half years our lives have faced upheaval. This upheaval has created unexpected and quick changes to many of us that are painful and difficult. This can cause people to lash out in anger.

When a person lashes out at each of us we can respond with a kind word rather than an angry response. If we feel anger at a person’s opinion or idea, we can stop and ask why the opinion or idea is making us so angry. The anger is a reflection of something much deeper than the issue at hand.

Cynthia Tun


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