To the Editor:

President Carter where are you? We need you to come back again and tell us about the malaise that is taking over our beautiful land. We have lost our compass: we are rudderless in a sea of despair. 

The values that made our country great are now waning and disappearing. We no longer exalt people for their virtues, we demonize them.

Our TV programs are replete with shows exalting vices over virtues. Occasionally we see programs with heartwarming stories, but these are quickly brushed aside. 

Up to the sixties, most people lived within a family nucleus: grandparents, parents and siblings. They all worked together for the betterment and welfare of the clan.

At home and in school the children were taught honesty and integrity. They experienced the adversities of life, but they knew that by working together these could be overcome.

Today we are filled with a pernicious desire to self-destruct. Since some no longer enjoy the warmth and benefits of the family, we are prone to destroy all others who believe in the wholesome beauty of the family. 

Instead of coming together, we vilify people who have different ideas. Courageous acts and noble deeds are shunned and laughed at. We should go back to our past values and incorporate them into our modern society. We know that we learn by imitation and emulation. 

We also need to relearn and use adjectives that describe the workings of a wholesome family. Words like love, respect, understanding forgiveness, empathy, caring and esteem.

If we could demonstrate and share with each other these feelings that are the essence of an ideal family, we will not need to waste our time on retractions and empty explanations. Good actions will always speak louder than words.

Rocco M. Calabrese


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