To the Editor:

Hey 6,000. Yes, you, the 6,000 or so unaffiliated Watertown and Oakville voters who often stay home and let our voting percentage plummet into territory where it doesn’t belong.

The November 2 election is much too important to brush off.

Choose wisely and selecting a new Town Council will be easy. It’s the school board choices that will be critical.

The opposition hoisting their cancel dulture, woke and critical race theory flags hope to shock voters into allowing that junk in our schools. It will be much tougher, but they’re a small, arrogant lot counting on bully tactics and people who stay at home thinking everything is OK.

Their first success was the Indian mascot fiasco. With closed meetings and the worst school board in the town’s history, they managed a one vote victory much to the chagrin of a large percentage of the town’s population,

The board mumbled and stumbled on other issues, too, like a budget miscalculation and an attempt to use shortcuts to jam through CRT materials. An alert board member, Rob Makowski and a group of concerned citizens threw up a road block that left board leadership wimpering.

The Republican slate of candidates is outstanding, while the other side struggled to find candidates and will try to return one of their own who voted to scalp the Indian and has an affinity for CRT.

These are some of the reasons the group of 6,000 must saddle up and gallop. We like Watertown just the way it is. No CRT, BLM or any other lettered creation. The letters we want for our hometown are OK.

Richard Avoletta


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