To the Editor:

When the current president/commander-in-chief is asked situation questions, he often answers, “It is what it is.”

Shortly after becoming president in 2017, the president ordered that children and babies that crossed into the United States through our southern border with Mexico should be separated from their parents. Many of these kids were put in cages and many will never be reunited with their parents (Separated by Jacob Soboroff). It is what it is.

After a weekend phone call with Erdogan of Turkey, this commander-in-chief ordered the removal of American soldiers from Syria that were fighting alongside Syrian Kurds against the Assad regime soldiers. The Syrian Kurds, our allies, were left vulnerable to attacks by Syrian and Turkish armies. It is what it is.

When our current president/commander-in-chief was told that Russia placed a bounty on American soldiers in Afghanistan, he neither acknowledged nor took any action against Russia. It is what it is.

When the current president was told of the impending coronavirus in January 2020, he said it will magically disappear. As of this day, (9/3/20), over 186,000 people have died from complications associated with the Covid-19 virus in the United States of America. It is what it is.

Considering the actions or inactions stated above about the current President, it is what it is. It is crimes against humanity.

I am looking forward to the November 4, 2020 headlines that read “You’re Fired.”


Bernie Karachsky


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