To the Editor:

If we heed the lessons of history, we can avoid the pitfalls caused by our rash actions.

In ancient times, many small nations around the Mediterranean Sea arose and fell from power. 

Pyrrhus, King of Epirus, present day Albania, was the undisputed leader of the Greek world.

With his army of 25 thousand men and 20 war elephants, he invaded the Tarentum area of Italy and scored a huge victory over the Romans. But in so doing, he saw the destruction of his army. 

This was his Pyrrhic victory. It was the beginning of the end for his empire.

Recently, in Congress, the same thing happened to the Democrats.

After three years of negativism and rancor, the leaders of the Democratic Party brought charges of impeachment up for a vote.

Mrs. Pelosi had promised a bipartisan approach to the trial. That did not pan out. 

The whole proceeding took the form of a hatchet job. The accusers were irate and vindictive. 

It was clear President Trump was being railroaded to his political demise. 

When the time came to vote on the articles of impeachment, we had a few surprises.

There was no bipartisan consent. All the Republicans voted against. Most of the Democrats toed the party line, but three of them surprised the assembly. 

One member changed party affiliation from Democratic to Republican. 

A second abstained from voting. The third voted against impeachment. 

Because they hold a majority of seats, the Democrats won: the president was impeached on all counts. But for them it was a Pyrrhic victory.

With their vulgar display and disregard of the rules of civility, they had closed the doors to any possibility of compromise.

They did not want to save the republic. 

Their intent was to destroy and depose a duly elected president.


Rocco M. Calabrese


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