To the Editor:

Looking back over my 75-plus years on this earth, I never cared if you were gay or whatever acronym you chose to call yourself until you started flouting your preferences in public, and teaching our children that your way is normal, and I never cared what color you were until you started blaming me for your problems.

Your politics was of little concern to me until you began ridiculing me for mine and condemning me based on where I was born, my nationality, and chastising me for working hard to better myself while rewarding illegal aliens by giving them everything for free.

I’ve never cared if your religious beliefs were different than mine until you said my beliefs are wrong. Nor did I care if you didn’t like guns, until you tried to take my guns away, or chose to ignore our nation’s history until you began to rewrite historical facts.

I never cared if you smoked the gateway drug marijuana until this and other states decided to legalize it, opening a Pandora’s Box of drug addiction.

I’ve always cared about life, and all lives, but now you try to force the notion on me and my other patriots that certain lives matter more than others.

You protest, riot, attack, burn and loot. Your so-called movement has become a radical out-of-control bunch of thugs, criminals and anarchists who are destroying our country with your cancel culture and polluting our children’s minds with the Marxist critical race theory.

I am done caring about you. America is the greatest country on Earth, and if you don’t like it then leave.

Anthony J. Palladino


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