To the Editor:

The farmers have a wonderful ditty: “Make hay while the sun is shining.”

During Trump’s Presidency, the Democrats brought that analogy to a perverse height “seed discord while the iron is hot.” For four years, they spied, obstructed and ridiculed many accomplishments his administration was making.

Yet, our economy grew at a record never imagined by the previous administration. 

Since more jobs were created, our citizens of all races and origin prospered and inched up the social ladder. Americans began to feel that their greatness was back and we were respected again.

In foreign policy Trump made and inked many accords that benefited equally well all the people involved. All of this was done openly, in the full light of day.

We did not have to pay billions in tribute, as previously done, nor did we make threats to win our points. President Trump could scorn an enemy, but also show them the olive branch and the rosier path to amity and greatness.

During his administration more nations benefited from, and welcomed his rapprochement. 

Due to him, our soldiers were slowly returning home and more peace treaties were signed between perennial enemies. But now, while peace and prosperity reigns abroad, vindictive winds are blowing in our backyards.

We have a new administration not intending to ameliorate, but willing to eradicate all the good that resulted from the Trump Administration.

All these machinations are carried out with the connivance of the press and the arrogance of the elite distributors of speedy communications. 

If the members of the press don’t own up to their obligations and maintain a healthy balance between the branches of government, our country could disintegrate into a second-rate nation. 

Our forefathers envisioned greatness not disgrace for our country. 

History will not be kind to the appeasers.

Rocco M. Calabrese


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