To the Editor:

State Rep. Joe Polletta left out a statistic in his letter to the editor last week – gun sales in Connecticut were at a 5 year high for 2021 and it is predicted sales will continue to increase.

When I was growing up, you had bad guys with guns and good guys with guns and the good guys were trained police officers. If a neighbor had a gun, they kept that information to themselves and the gun stayed in the nightstand with the hope that it would never be used.

No one is safe from bad guys or the occasional vigilante gone rogue. Incidents are on the rise, no matter what the intent, where innocent people get hurt.

Our homes, streets, schools, stores, cars, parking lots, gathering venues all have the potential for gun violence. Our police officers will rarely know in advance of a shot being fired and arrests come after the damage has been done.

Disagreements used to be handled with civility and could end by agreeing to disagree. Today’s mantra seems to be “actions with guns speak louder than words.”

I am learning to accept the fact that gun violence is on the rise. Since owning a gun is not in my wheelhouse, I will have to work harder on achieving inner peace since I see no viable answer to this problem.

Katherine Camara


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