To the Editor:

This is the story of two needy families. One resided in the Garden of Good, the other resided in the Garden of Evil.

Both lived in modest conditions, due to circumstances beyond their control. There were four members in each family: father, mother and two teenagers. Both families earned a similar yearly income.

Every day the family living in the Garden of Good arose early in the morning and parents and children participated in the daily routine. 

They sat together at breakfast, enjoyed a healthy meal that mother had prepared and talked to each other about the upcoming daily events: where each was going, what they would be doing, their hopes and their dreams for the future.

The other family, living in the Garden of Evil, began their day on a different note. 

They arose, washed up, ate whatever food was left from the night before, scrambled about and departed for their daily routine.

Of the two, which family is better prepared to find and take advantage of all the opportunities life presents?

Today, because of the breakdown of family unity, loss of values and the lack of dreams for a better future, some members of our society have lost their desire to improve their lives. 

Up to now we have relied on our family ties for guidance, advice and help in our quest. Now most look to strangers to help them and control their destiny.

That is the wrong approach. Let’s no longer look to the government for help. In the past, instead of jobs, they have given us handouts. 

They forced us to live in the Garden of Evil.

Instead let’s all work together to recreate the Garden of Good.

Only a loving, caring family can help us do that.


Rocco M. Calabrese


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