To the Editor:

Since its early years as a nation, the United States of America has evolved, changed and, under the management and direction of great leaders, has become the leader of the free world.

Today, due to poor judgment, misunderstanding or pure destructive desire, many of our leaders, specifically of the Democratic faction, have come to believe that our form of government needs cleansing and restructuring.

At the onset, our most esteemed President Jefferson gave us the “Bill of Rights.” The Tenth is the crowning jewel to our Constitution. It follows: “The rights not expressly given to the government, reside with the People.” Simply stated, not the government but the citizens of our glorious and benevolent country are in charge. When changes are to be made, it is the people, through their voting rights that decide on what and how to change.

This principle was first reinforced by John Marshall, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and lately reinforced by the decision of the Supreme Court in negating Roe vs Wade.

Thus, we learned that the people hold the power, through their voting rights. Pres. Trump, during his tenure in office, was scorned and vilified, but he followed the letter of the Constitution. 

The United States was envied by some, but respected by the people of many other nations.

Now with Pres. Biden at the helm of state, our nation is becoming the patsy of the world. May our Constitution and God’s good will help our nation weather this storm.

It appears to me that this Democratic Congress is veering our ship of state into turbulent waters. 

Only a president with the strength and character of Mr. Trump can navigate back to wholesome sunlight and progressive government, as envisioned by our founding fathers.

God Bless America.

Rocco M. Calabrese


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