To the Editor:

The Watertown Library Association joins our community today in giving thanks.

Last year, we reached out to the people of Oakville and Watertown to say, “It’s time to renew your library” — and individuals, businesses, organizations, foundations, patrons and friends came through beyond our greatest hopes.

The Watertown Library and Oakville Branch are more than just places to check out books, read and research. 

They are community center, senior center, school and event space all together. Thanks to your generosity, we are happy to report that our renewal stretches from Main Street to Davis Street.

The Watertown Library’s new Woodward Atrium has added 1,300 square feet of meeting and event space. 

To be blunt: We want it open, too. Some issues with the floor and a leaky roof have delayed the opening. 

We are working to finish the “punch list” so that all items are complete and we can be approved to occupy the space.

In Oakville, we invested $60,000 in capital funding (which, for our not-for-profit organization, comes from private donations) at the Oakville Branch to install new lighting, a beautiful coffered ceiling, and an accessible entrance to the ground floor from the lower parking lot. Stay tuned, because there is big news in store for that little Davis Street library.

On behalf of our trustees, our director Joan Rintelman and our fantastic staff, we thank you, Oakville and Watertown, and all who helped to renew our library. 

We also remember with gratitude the abiding guidance of the late Tony Fitzgerald, a long-time board member who guided both the Woodward Atrium expansion and the creation of the children’s wing a generation ago. 

Tony and Anne Fitzgerald have devoted themselves generously to the library. Happy Thanksgiving.


Brian J. Flaherty

Treasurer, Watertown Library Association

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