To the Editor,

Thank you, Brian Ragaglia, for paying attention and encouraging everyone living in town to do the same. After your unfortunate spring lawn maintenance is completed, I hope you will turn your attention on helping us fix the state of our local government.

I feel compelled to write letters to the editor most weeks in order to share what I learn from attending town meetings. About 99.999% of town residents do not attend and are oblivious to our Republicrony stronghold. Will we be the next Bells Town, California?

The Republicronies, a town Republican Party faction, have taken control. They are self-serving individuals who have been changing policies over the years to ensure that they keep control for themselves, their families and their friends. The faction includes Democronies, those pretending to be in the minority party but who fall right in line with the Republicronies for favor and benefit.

If you think Watertown’s government has taken a wrong turn, join the movement to root out the Republicronies this November. It can be done. Take advantage of Town Council and Commission meetings being held on Zoom and watch from the comfort of your home. Get to know the players before the November vote.

We must vote the insiders out. 

Katherine Camara


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