To the Editor:

During the February 10 Watertown Housing Authority Commission meeting, the bids were opened for the permanent property manager position. It appears former WHA Chairman, Mark Raimo, interrupted the meeting and starting giving direction as to how the process should proceed. A sort of Zoom Bomb.

Did he forget he is no longer chairman of the WHA Commission? 

Was he trying to ensure that the commissioners would keep his crony promise to Propertyworx and give them the job? Was he afraid the “fix” would fall apart without him? 

Why did Mark refuse to give his last name so the participants would know who was speaking? Why is it so important to him to do this favor for this crony?

The WHA advertisement for a property manager included unnecessary requirements that kept other qualified businesses from bidding. 

Was this intentional to keep the number of applicants down? Of the two companies that did submit bids, Propertyworx is the high bidder by over $10,000. Will the commission keep Raimo’s promise to Propertyworx in spite of the additional cost?

In their bid, Propertyworx listed evictions, collections and resale as accomplishments. 

Why would the WHA want a property manager with the skills to evict and pursue collections against our elderly population?

If the WHA selects the highest bidder, they should be prepared to explain their decision in detail. 

If they claim it is because Propertyworx has had the job for the past 4 months, we will know it was because the fix was already in, and the bid process was a sham.

Join me in demanding better from our town leadership by voting the insiders out in November.

Katherine Camara


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