To the Editor:

I have known Eric Berthel for nearly a decade. He has demonstrated to the families, businesses and people of the 32nd Senate that he is a person who is qualified and experienced to represent them in Hartford.

If you have been experiencing quality of life issues and hardships due to state programs and lawmaking, it’s important to know that this has been brought on by the policies, programs and laws of Gov. Lamont and a General Assembly that has held a majority for more that 40 tears.

With six years of service to the people, Republican Eric Berthel is a proven conservative in the General Assembly. 

Sending him back to Hartford as our state Senator will continue to give you a voice that you can count on. Eric is beholden to his community, constituents and families. He will not be forced to march in lockstep with a party whose time has not served us well.

Eric is a homeowner, a family man, a husband and father of two boys. On a personal and professional level, he has experienced the devastating economic impact of Gov. Lamont and the Majority Democrat’s unfair tax policies on businesses, hospitals and families in Connecticut.

Eric Berthel is widely regarded for his honesty, decency and respectful manner. He is well informed and speaks well on the issues. 

He is quick with a smile and eager to meet you. He recently demonstrated that he can admit when he has made a mistake and take responsibility for his actions. 

That is true integrity, a quality missing from many elected officials today. He is concerned about people and with his education and political experience he is able to help. I endorse Eric Berthel and will vote for him on November 3 for re-election as our state Senator.


Elizabeth Porter


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