To the Editor;

My family and I have been in law enforcement my entire life and what I witnessed by the majority party Democrats in the state House on Thursday, July 23rd was appalling. 

‘Their blatant disregard for law enforcement showed as they rammed a bill through the House with little input from police men and women across Connecticut.

I would like to personally thank our Republican state Rep. Joe Polletta for fighting nearly 24 hours at the Capitol against this piece of legislation. 

He heard the cries of the Watertown PD and stood on his values. 

Unfortunately, the Democrats fell in line with one another and voted this bill, that blatantly attacks law enforcement officers, out of the House of Representatives with little regard for their fellow service men and women. What a shame. Is this the best our Democrats in Hartford could come up with?

This bill vilifies cops and makes them personally liable for suits. It also takes away equipment, adds unfunded mandates to towns and makes each one of us question our every move.

We in law enforcement will not forget those who forgot us on the House floor. Also, we will remember those who stood for us. 

In Watertown and Oakville, we thank Rep. Joe Polletta for standing up for what was right. Thank you and you have my support in November. 

I encourage all my fellow police officers and their families and residents of town who value our PD to support Joe Polletta.

Erik Markiewicz


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