To the Editor:

I am startled that my 68th District state Rep. Joseph Polletta touts himself as a conservative Republican. For most of Joe’s voting life, he was a Democrat.

Everyone is entitled to an epiphany. However, I note that Joe’s current Democratic opponent, the former 68th District state representative, Sean Butterly, refused to pursue a state grant to run for this office, citing Connecticut’s greater needs in this pandemic.

Joe Polletta will receive the $30,000 in state grant money he pursued. For that, you can bet you will receive many glossy pictures of Joe in the mall, paid for by these state funds. It just goes to show that spending taxpayer dollars is not adverse to Joe, especlally if it benefits his political career.

I plan to vote for Sean Butterly for the 68th District state representative, hands down. Sean is on the “rlght” side of the people in the district, and we all know him. Sean will run the kind of grassroots campaign that definitely doesn’t fit Joe’s style. And, in speaking up for his local town residents, I also know that Sean supports casting 11 No votes on the Watertown Town Charter questions that will appear on the November 3 ballot. Right on, Sean.

After having just experienced the farcical appointment of our new town manager in Watertown, it is time to go back and start anew by revampIng the existing Town Charter. A more careful look is needed, especially in regards to electing a first selectman or mayor to head the town instead of appointing a town manager.

We deserve to elect a leader who will have to answer to the townspeople. Instead, just this month, we’ve been forced to accept a poorly vetted crony of the majority party in town. What a disgraceful sham.


Rose Soboleski


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