To the Editor:

Long ago, during perilous political times in Italy, a writer wrote an allegorical story that held hidden meanings. It was the story of “Pinocchio.”

A lonely old gentleman carved a puppet out of wood to be his companion. As we all know, puppets move only when we pull their strings.

Pinocchio kept company with many unsavory characters. He did many naughty things and lied to cover up his transgressions. Each time he lied his nose grew a little longer.

Geppetto, his putative father, suffered much at the sight of such a wasteful life. 

After many misadventures and many lies, redemption came to Pinocchio. His guardian angel turned him into a real boy. 

As a puppet he lived a life of sin. After his redemption, he was allowed a life of reality.

We are all born as wonderful boys and girls. As we grow up, some gravitate toward many occupations found in the economic, artistic or educational world.

Others become politicians. They move around incessantly. 

Some are motivated by wonderful, wholesome desires, others fall in with evil company.

Depending on who is pulling their strings, they can become wonderful creators of ideas to benefit our society, or be a destructive force in our dally lives.

Many politicians of today seem to have strayed from their mission and have lost their way. Like Pinocchio, they have fallen in with bad company.

Due to their collective hatred for our president, when their strings are pulled and they speak out, they voice offensive lies and poor political ideas. 

Instead of looking for what is good in all of us and continue to improve our lives, they disparage our ancestors’ great accomplishments and want to replace them with pipe dreams. 

We must continue living in a world of wholesome reality.


Rocco Calabrese


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