To the Editor:

People have always roamed the globe for economic or spiritual reasons.

Marco Polo in the 13th century crossed the Ural Mountains and ventured into China’s realm trying to expand trade.

Later, explorers slowly branched over the seas into the four corners of the Earth.

Columbus sailed westward in search of new passages to the East.

Both made sacrifices in their lives for the fulfillment of their dreams. Polo became a rich merchant and opened commerce with China. Columbus discovered new land and a new route to the East. In later years, due to jealousy and hate, he was imprisoned and deprived of his due honors.

In time most people began to recognize the importance of his discoveries and, to honor his memory, began to name countries, cities and schools in his name.

Events moved ahead for many years in peaceful bliss; but now evil winds are blowing in our midst. What some cannot attain themselves through their work, they scorn and vilify in others.

Today we have a new generation of leaders. Some want to continue to improve our country and build on our great historical past. Others want to suppress our desires and try to emasculate our ideals.

The statues of past leaders, the monuments erected in their memories to testify to past glories, are now eyed with scorn and hate and are destined for destruction. Last week I saw a statue of Columbus toppled from the roof of a building here in Connecticut.

One thing is sure; people who don’t revere the past have little desire to improve our future. 

In our age, John Glenn and others blasted into the far reaches of the universe in wonderous search. 

Are we going to topple their statues someday? Let history take its course peacefully.


Rocco M. Calabrese


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