To the Editor:

If it wasn’t for the Pledge of Allegiance, the acceptance of the minutes and the BOE budget presentation, the May 4 Town Council meeting would have lasted under a minute. 

With the faces of those on the screen being Dr. Harrison, four BOE members and Councilwoman Rachael Ryan, it was hard to know you were watching a council meeting.

There was no town manager’s report, no subcommittee reports, nothing about the Municipal Center nor the hiring status of a new town manager or, most importantly, what our officials are doing to establish a local long-term recovery committee as the Governor has urged community stakeholders to do.

Perhaps Council Chairman Tom Winn is not aware of that. The only part of him seen in town since he sold his house is his wife’s car parked at an ex-in-law’s house.

Further, Chairman Winn did not allow public participation. Perhaps he does not want to be asked a question like “How is the weather in Myrtle Beach?” 

He is more than happy to shut the public out, pretending it can’t be accomplished virtually. But note, virtual public participation was done successfully at the May 6 Planning and Zoning meeting. The Town Council needs to follow suit to procure our trust in government.

Regarding that P&Z meeting, it was interesting to see the commission vote against an outsider’s request for a text amendment, claiming it would change that zone throughout all the areas of town. 

Despite the dozens of times the public has brought that same argument to P&Z, when a crony asks for a text amendment, it is always given the green light.

Another change we need in our government – allow the public to vote for the P&Z commission members rather than let the Town Council majority continue to appoint cronies.

Katherine Camara


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