To the Editor:

In Pontelandolfo, Italy, while in grammar school, I learned about the evolution of laws in history.

The first document of note was written in the 17th Century B.C. in Babylon, Mesopotamia. That was the “Code of Hammurabi.” The law assigned specific penalties for specific civil wrongs.

The seeds of equality were planted.

We learned about the Magna Carta. That document curtailed the absolute powers of the kings and gave more powers to the nobles, and indirectly, to the people.

Our Constitution is important because it was the first document that divided the government into three branches. It delineated, in precise language, the composition and powers of each.

The Constitutional Convention met in September 1787. Three years later they presented the Seven Articles, explaining all the workings and duties of the government.

While the document was brilliantly written, people were shocked. 

Nothing in the document explained why they fought the Revolution. Mr. Jefferson understood their concern, allayed their fears and told them that more was going to be written.

Three years later he introduced the ten “Bill of Rights.” All the rights were clear, concise and untouchable. The tenth was the crowning glory of the Constitution. The powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states and the people thereof. By inference the people hold all the powers. This system has worked well for over two centuries.

Today with wokeism, meism, equitism, etc. we have forgotten the Bill of Rights are untouchable. If we neglect to carry out the desires of We the people, manipulate and alter the intent of the Constitution, we revert back to perilous times.

Lest we forget, by changing the intent of the Bill of Rights we destroy our open society and revert back to pre-Hammurabi times.

Rocco M. Calabrese


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