To the Editor:

Down with the traitors, up with the stars. That was what Union boys sang as they marched to war in 1861 to preserve the United States of America and end the abhorrent practice of slavery in this country. 

That was the cause that Watertown residents rallied towards during the war and helped raise morale during the conflict’s darkest points. Unfortunately, dozens of Watertown residents, including African Americans, died for that cause.

Over 150 years after the Civil War, a resident took it upon himself to bring the Confederate Battle Flag during last week’s Back the Blue event.

The same flag that was flown by the traitors and slaveholders that tried to destroy our dear republic was allowed to fly unabated. Surrounded by fellow protesters, this resident proudly flew that flag with no issue.

As this flag waved, in the background stood our Civil War Monument. A monument dedicated to the men who fought and died against what the Confederate Battle Flag stands for. I am shocked that no one noticed the disrespect shown to the memory of our Civil War soldiers.

Members of the Blue Lives Matter movement have every right to protest in town. Their voices do deserve to be heard and recognized. Still, I cannot hide my disappointment that someone from town was able to display the Confederate Battle Flag in the center of town, and there was not an immediate push back from those present.

Watertown is better than this. That flag does not represent us. The memory of the sacrifices we endured during the Civil War represents us. The Stars and Stripes and the notion that all men are created equal represents us. Up with the Stars and Stripes, down with the Confederate Flag.


Nicholas Perugini


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