To the Editor:

I owe Mark Raimo, the Town Times and the readers an apology for my letter accusing Mark Raimo of interrupting a Watertown Housing Authority meeting.

I have always done my research before writing letters, yet this time I wrote a letter based on my perception.

The meeting was virtual, and all you could see of participants were their names. For the previous meetings the name “Raimo” was seen, but this time the name “Mark” appeared. When the voice of “Mark” disrupted the meeting, it was very brief, and a comment by a commission member made it appear that this person had information on the WHA. 

As Mark Raimo had recently resigned as chairman of that commission, it appeared to some of us that it was Mark Raimo speaking. 

This all took place within seconds. Oddly, when asked, “Mark” would not provide his last name and then became silent.

Two other people attending the meeting also believed that it was Mark Raimo who interrupted the meeting, which supported my own assumption.

I recently received a recording of the meeting, and after listening to it several times, I can now attest that it was not the voice of Mark Raimo. I made an honest mistake and admit that I was wrong.

My sincere apology to Mark Raimo, the Town Times and the readers.

Katherine Camara


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