To the Editor:

We often hear the phrase “We are a nation of immigrants.” How true. 

As immigrants we all had our dreams to come to America, get a job, work hard, save our money, improve the life and

 standing of our family, quietly participate and slowly become part of the community.

All ethnic groups have had to endure the adversities and the stings of life. But all nationalities

became intertwined in our great country and are now proud Americans. 

Whether by normal

occurrence or by design, some political figures of today are advocating philosophies that are contrary to the letter of our ten Bill of Rights. As originally written, they glorified the

importance of all the people.

Today, for some obscure reason, our politicians want the State to be the important factor in

our life.

We should not allow that to happen. With our Republic we have shown the whole world the

importance of our good government. For the past two hundred years most people all over the world have admired our form of government and have wanted to come here. 

They envy our business acumen and want to share in our prosperity. We have given freely and tried to bring

liberty and wealth to others.

l am ashamed to voice it, but today we have many leaders in Washington who are so intent on

ruining our country that they are refusing to enact laws necessary to benefit and bring stability to our prostrated and overburdened national borders.

In their desire to oust President Trump from office, they are willing to sacrifice the safety of our country. What a shameful turn of



Rocco M. Calabrese


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