To the Editor:

Please forgive this reprint – I accidently attached last year’s letter when I originally submitted it last week.

The Fine Arts Connection of Thomaston’s 17th season of Summer Concerts is over, and we want to acknowledge our many supporters: Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation, our corporate sponsor; Town of Thomaston for Seth Thomas Park; Thomaston High School for the auditorium when it rained, and the Thomaston Opera House/Landmark Community Theater for the final rain concert and for use of the stage; and Unimetal for their parking lot.

We thank the Rotary Club of Thomaston and Barrett Family Oil for sponsoring concerts.

Other contributors include: J. & J. Precision Eyelet, Inc.; Landmark Community Theatre; First Congregational Church of Thomaston Women’s Fellowship; MJM Electric; American Security & Sound; Lyons Funeral Home; Atlantic Council #18 Knights of Columbus; Gilland & Gilland, LLC; Kathy Logan Real Estate; Thai in Love; Treadwell Corporation; Thomaston Council of Senior Citizens; 

Thomaston Dental Associates; Thomaston Lions Club; Plymouth Glass & Mirror; Polar Bear Treats; M/M Brian Welch; M/M Armand Roy, Jr.; Margaret Durkee; Hometown Pizza III; Thomaston Physical Therapy; Caroline & Henry Osowiecki; Henry M. Osowiecki & Sons, Inc.; Osowiecki Leasing Company, Inc.; M/M Ed Mone; Hilda Wehrle; Wayne Kamens; Ed Andreski; and many others who filled our jar.

Further thanks to: Thomaston Volunteer Ambulance Corps; Thomaston Police Explorers; Glenn Clark/town crew; Thomaston Police Department; Thomaston Volunteer Fire Department.

Endless thanks to Dennis LaPlante; Ian Jones; Rob Ross; April LaPlante; Sandi Welch and the Verdosci family. I am hopeful that we can continue the series next year. Visit our website at to see how you can help us.

Thank you Thomaston. Hope to see you next year.

Keep Music Live.


Carol Pytel, Summer Concert Series

Fine Arts Connection 

of Thomaston

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