First Day of School Brings a Clean Slate and Promise of Fresh New Year

The first day of school is a momentous occasion for children, families, and educators alike.

For most, the day brings a clean slate, a new day, perhaps even a new pair of shoes and most importantly, a perfect breeding ground for possibilities.

For others, the first day might officially signal the end of a long, hazy summer of endless days that makes the sound of the alarm on that first morning back to school a frank reminder that one’s responsibilities and duties await them.

This year, as schools around the globe and our nation get ready to return from an ongoing and almost 19 month journey navigating the health crisis of the century, Watertown Public Schools stands by educational excellence for every student in every classroom.

We have updated all safety protocols and mitigating strategies according to the guidance provided to us by the experts in the field; we are ready to return to many more of the instructional strategies that we had to put aside last year and ideas are already taking root with a renewed energy; the hum and buzz of faculty and students reuniting has filled our hallways once again; and WPS is determined to welcome each student on the first day of school for a year focused on alignment, innovation, and authenticity.

As we design experiences to ensure students grow academically and social emotionally, we know that the more authentic the opportunity, the more likely students are motivated to take risks and try new things. Building a strong foundation and pathways of success is key this year and as all good educators know, there is no one set pathway for each individual student.

So, welcome back Watertown Public Schools. We can’t wait to make this a year to remember.

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