WATERTOWN — The Planning and Zoning Commission, meeting Wednesday, October 7, closed one Public Hearing, continued another and set Public Hearings on two new applications for Wednesday, November 4.

The commission also heard a brief presentation on the AdvanceCT report for marketing the Sealy property at 25 Hillside Ave. and learned that Joel Skilton, the building inspector, has resigned to take another position elsewhere.

Commissioners approved the application of Henry Duhamel, 404 Buckingham St., for a special permit/site plan to convert a building with two apartments and a commercial space to include a third apartment. The application was approved on condition that all current and future requirements of the fire marshal and building inspector be met regarding the third unit.

Commissioners continued a Public Hearing for a site plan/special permit to construct a new three-family dwelling at 542 Davis St. The application is still before Inland Wetlands and cannot move forward here until that agency approves the proposal.

John Everitt, of Everitt Lane, continued to speak out against the proposal as part of public participation. He asked the commission to rescind its prior vote changing the zone on this parcel and five others to R-12.5 as that vote was illegal, in his opinion.

Four of the six parcels are on Everitt Lane, which he owns, and he never received any notice of the change, he said. He only found out about it while talking to his neighbors. “This is wrong and it’s unlawful,” he concluded.

On a related matter, public participant Eric Weigrauch of 339 Straits Tnpk. said he has a similar situation on his property as 542 Davis St. did, and he would like equal treatment to rezone to R-12.5 so his property is conforming.

Attorney Franklin Pilicy was present to ask commissioners to schedule two Public Hearings for November 4 for his client, Ion Bank, which is seeking to add a drive-through window to a location the bank is considering for a new facility. 

Adding a drive-through there would require a text amendment, which is the subject of the other hearing. 

The two hearings were set for November 4, as requested.

In other action, the commission approved site plan modifications for the construction of a 23x38-foot addition onto the Carvel Restaurant/G’s Burgers building, 1300 Main St. The application previously received required zoning variances from the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The final item on the agenda was the Sealy property marketing report presented by Courtney Hendricson, vice president of Municipal Services for AdvanceCT.

The AdvanceCT study identifies several possible uses, including retail, office/commercial and industrial, although additional remediation would be required for residential use.

Ms. Hendricson said there is an opportunity for additional retail businesses in town, especially clothing stores, building material or garden equipment stores, sporting goods and hobby stores, jewelry stores, leather goods stores and home furnishings stores. There is also some potential for office space, especially for information services, health care, data processing and hosting, and administrative and support services.

Sealy has begun actively marketing the property and the marketing study has been shared with company officials.

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