WATERTOWN — The Zoning Board of Appeals, meeting Wednesday, June 24, conducted four Public Hearings and concluded by granting variances on three of the applications and scheduling a site visit for the fourth.

A fifth application scheduled for a hearing at this meeting was withdrawn by the applicant.

Commissioners granted a 15-foot variance to the front property line setback for a new, single-family dwelling at Lot 4, Litchfield Road, incorrectly noted as 603 Osage Dr. on the agenda. The applicant, Allen Hayes, explained the parcel pre-dates zoning, is triangular in shape and on a corner, creating two front property lines.

The decision was unanimous, with one commissioner present recusing himself from the deliberations.

Commissioners granted a 30-foot variance to the front property line setback for construction of a new 30x24-foot detached garage at 68 Plungis Rd. The applicant, Daniel DeSimone, explained he is trying to make the property safer for his children following the pandemic.

This is a corner lot, with two front property lines. The garage would be located on the side fronting the unimproved portion of Munson Road. This is the most reasonable location for the structure as it would otherwise impinge on the septic or well for the existing home.

Commissioners granted a 12-foot variance to a side property line setback for construction of a 14x10-foot, second-floor deck at 368 Mount Fair Dr. Applicant Mesur Rizvani explained his father purchased the home many years ago. The home was not finished and had been in foreclosure.

The home had been left with sliding doors on a second-floor bedroom, but no deck. For safety, the family would like to add the deck, which would not only solve the issue of doors leading out to an empty space, but also provide a second exit for the family in an emergency.

Commissioners scheduled a site walk for the fourth applicant, Ian Hripak, 173 Chimney Rd., who is seeking a 25-foot variance to the front property line setback for construction of a 42x30-foot barn. He said he plans to use the barn for storage of a trailer and camper.

The lot is an interior lot that requires a 75-foot setback from the road, as opposed to a 50-foot setback for a lot with frontage. The 25-foot variance would still give the applicant a 50-foot setback from the front property line.

Placing the barn further back on the property would push the driveway location over the septic system for the house, he said.

The withdrawn application was for a nine-foot variance from the front property line setback for a new, single-family home at 226 Dalton St. in Oakville. The new home would have replaced an existing non-conforming home. The property was sold recently.

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