WATERTOWN — The Zoning Board of Appeals, meeting Wednesday, July 22, approved three applications and scheduled site walks for two others.

Applications were approved for Ian Hripak, 173 Chimney Rd.; Debra Dellacroce, 21 Radnor La. in Oakville, and Michael Boutote, 25 Morin St, in Oakville.

The Public Hearing for the Hripak property had been continued from last month’s meeting. Board members performed a site walk prior to the start of this meeting and quickly closed the Public Hearing.

The application sought a variance of 25 feet to the front yard property line setback for interior lots for construction of a 30x42-foot barn which would be located 50 feet from the front property line. The hardship included ledge and the location of the septic system, as well as the location of the driveway.

The Public Hearing for the Dellacroce property was closed after minimal discussion. Debra Dellacroce explained she needed a 10-foot variance to the front yard setback for construction of a new porch to be located 25 feet from the property line.

She explained that someone entering the home has to back down the stairs while opening the front door because the steps are the same width as the door. In approving the variance, members agreed it was a safety hazard.

The Public Hearing for the Boutote property prompted more discussion. Connor Boutote, who explained he was the owner of the property, said he was seeking to replace an existing deck with a 18x14-foot three-season room, to be located 22 feet from the rear property line, requiring an eight-foot variance.

He said his in-laws would be moving in and the new three-season room would provide more usable living space and extend the dining room of the home. A nine-foot tall hedge separates his property from the neighbor’s property to the rear, and that property owner had no objection to the plan.

Members agreed they need to examine the plans for a 26.1x38-foot addition to property owned by GT Holdings. The building addition would be slightly smaller than the footprint of the patio it will be replacing, but it will be located 3.5 feet from the front property line on Straits Turnpike and 1.5 feet from the front property line on Main Street.

Attorney Franklin Pilicy, representing the property owner, said the state took property along both sides of the parcel when building the current state highways, prior to zoning.

The building would not be up against the pavement as the state took a considerable amount of property it is not using, including a triangle of land at the front of the building housing a restaurant and ice cream store.

Members will also be performing a site walk at 44 Ledgewood Rd. prior to the next meeting. Owner Michael Zoller is requesting a variance of eight feet to a side yard setback for construction of a 9x16-foot shed, to be located 12 feet from the side property line.

The wooden shed would replace an old metal shed that was rusting and no longer has doors on it. While an exact replacement in size would be allowed through grandfathered provisions, the new shed is larger than the old one, thus requiring a variance. Several neighbors spoke out against the plan, including the neighbor on that side of the property.

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