WATERTOWN — The Zoning Board of Appeals, meeting Wednesday, August 26, voted to approve four applications and tabled two others.

Members approved two variances for a business property located at the intersection of Straits Turnpike and Main Street after closing a Public Hearing on the application earlier in the meeting.

The parcel is owned by GT Holdings, which requested the two variances so an existing patio could be replaced with an 26.1 x 38-foot addition to the building. According to Attorney Franklin Pilicy, representing the owner, the hardship included the fact that the state took a significant portion of the parcel years ago before the adoption of zoning. It left the parcel with two front lines and a very narrow configuration on one end.

Since the previous meeting, the owner met with the assistant zoning enforcement officer and agreed to reduce the size of the addition by three feet on the Straits Turnpike side and added a concrete wall for safety, Mr. Pilicy said.

Commissioners agreed that a building was safer than a patio at the intersection of the two busy roads and approved the variances.

The board also approved an application for an eight-foot side yard variance to Michael and Connor Zoller for the construction of a 9x16-foot shed to replace an existing smaller shed at 44 Ledgewood Rd. Members performed a site walk prior to the meeting to look at the area where the shed would be located.

A motor vehicle application for location approval of a Kia Blasius at 669 Straits Tpke. was quickly approved. The ZBA’s approval on the application is required by the state, even though no variances were needed. The town’s Planning and Zoning Commission approved the application earlier this year.

The fourth approval was for a certificate of location approval for a name and ownership change for a business located at 838 Main St. The new business name is Tire Associates LLC. It replaces a similar business at the location.

Of the two applications that were tabled, one was tabled so that members could conduct a site walk and the other because no one called in to represent the applicant until the meeting was ready to adjourn.

A site walk was scheduled prior to the next meeting for 567 Sunnyside Ave. Owner John Nygren, Jr., is requesting a 0.51-acre variance on the amount of land needed to be considered a farm so he can raise horses on a 4.49-acre parcel.

Mr. Nygren explained that he purchased the property a little over a year ago and the deed incorrectly said it was five acres. The land was taken by the state for reinforcement of the road, but he said he continues to treat it as if it was his own and regularly maintains it.

The remaining application was tabled because no one was on the call when the hearing was called was for a variance of 30 feet to the front yard property line setback for construction of a 12x10-foot shed at 24 Ledgewood Rd.

Richard Mikush called in as the meeting was being adjourned, and the board declined to go back on the agenda to hear as the application had been scheduled for a Public Hearing.

Chairman Rick Sarandrea explained that there was no way to know if members of the public might have wanted to comment on the application, but left the meeting after the application was tabled.

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