WATERTOWN — The Conservation Commission/Inland Wetlands Agency closed a Public Hearing, approved the application, approved a second application and tabled several other applications during its meeting on Thursday, June 11.

Commissioners closed a Public Hearing and approved plans for the installation of a six-foot wide overflow swale to aid existing drainage behind 52, 58, 64 and 68 Sunset Ave.

The plan originally called for the installation of a 24-inch wide drainage pipe to be installed, but when homeowners expressed concern, the plan was revised to use a swale to aid an existing 18-inch wide drainage pipe in the area.

The town’s Department of Public Works was listed as the applicant; however, it is the property owners who will have the work done and pay for it, not the town.

Commissioner George Touponse recused himself from consideration of an application from Ashford Woods LLC subdivision located on Georgetown Drive. Miscommunication led to the need for a new application for the subdivision, which had previously been approved following a Public Hearing several years ago.

The applicants sought advice from the town about whether or not they needed to renew the application after a court settlement allowed them to move forward with the project, but they were mistakenly told no. The permit expired and the applicant was now applying for a permit for the exact same work as had been previously approved.

Five commissioners voted in favor of approving the application, with two voting no. Those voting to approve were Joseph Polletta, Luigi Cavallo, Jr., Craig Palmer, Ned Dalton and Charles Beliveau. Those voting against were Thomas Murphy and Pierre Moran.

An application by Allen Hayes for the construction of a single-family home at the intersection of Litchfield Road and Morris Town Line Road was tabled to the next meeting, pending a ruling by the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals.

The applicant has requested permission to move the planned residence 15 feet closer to the road to allow it to be further from the wetlands.

The commission tabled a re-subdivision application from the Estate of Patrick Graziano to split an existing subdivision lot located at 384 Litchfield Rd. into two lots. 

The large parcel would be split into two new lots, with a small parcel of about 1.75 acres to include the existing house, barn and other structures, and the remaining 84 acres of undeveloped land to become the second parcel.

The commission scheduled a site walk before its next meeting on Thursday, July 9, to inspect proposed work at the home of Jessica and Carmine DiSapio, Jr., after tabling the application to its next meeting. 

The applicants are requesting permission to construct a detached garage and to restore a disturbed area within the regulated area at 1745 Guernseytown Rd.

In other action, the commission tabled discussion on two notices of violation until the next meeting and began discussion on its application review process.

Commissioners expressed concern that seven applications had been approved through agent determination, including three applications for new homes.

While Covid-19 had postponed some meetings, commissioners felt that all applications needed to be treated the same and there should not have been a hurry to issue approvals in some cases.

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