WATERTOWN — The Town Council, meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday, June 3, took public participation, received reports from the town manager and updated a job description.

The council first held a special meeting at 7:15 p.m. to transfer $344,000 from the General Fund to Police Special Duty Services for town and non-town work.

The funds will be replaced by vendors who have used police services during the past fiscal year.

During the public participation section, Rose Soboleski went before the council to talk about the Town Revision Commission that was appointed during the last meeting.

She said that the appointment broke State Statute 7-190 which states that “no more than one third of [individuals on the commission] may hold any other public office in the municipality and not more than a bare majority of whom shall be members of any one political party.”

Ms. Soboleski told the council that there are too many members on the revision commission that hold positions on other government committees and boards. She believes that the council should remove some members and reappoint different individuals to the commission.

She also told the council that the revision commission was breaking the law as there are too many Republicans. There are five Republicans, three Democrats and one Unaffiliated on the commission. Ms. Soboleski said there should be a redistribution of members.

The council listened to Ms. Soboleski’s concerns and said that they will speak with Town Attorney Paul Jessell to discuss the state statute and what can be done to make sure the revision commission is in compliance with it.

The Town Revision Commission plans to update the Town Government Charter and has the potential to alter the way town government operates. They will be meeting over the next year to discuss potential changes, and have not yet met.

After taking public participation, Town Manager Robert Scannell gave his report. He stated that the town’s medical costs are on budget this year and they should not expect any surprises before the fiscal year ends in July.

He also told the council that work has begun to prepare the six million dollar bond that was approved by referendum last month. The money for the bond will help with road and sidewalk maintenance, bridge repair and increased Main Street safety measures.

The council updated the job description for the assessment technician position. The town used to have an assessment technician back in the 90s but eliminated the role in 2000. The town wishes to bring back the role, but the description has to be updated to handle a 21st-century workplace.

With an updated job description, the town can now begin the search for an assessment technician.

The council approved a resolution authorizing an appropriation of $15,000 for a third party review of a Conservation Commission Inland Wetland Agency application on 192 Park Rd.

The town will be fully reimbursed by the developer of the property.

Those seeking additional information on the meeting can view the meeting minutes at http://www.watertownct.org/content/10290/4029/13443/34414.aspx.

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