WATERTOWN — The Town Council, meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday, September 16, received reports and approved funding for various projects.

To begin the meeting, the council took public participation.

Resident Joseph Paternoster went before the council to discuss damage done to his yard by the recent construction on Bunker Hill Road.

He said the curbing work has created flooding in his yard and blocked his driveway.

Mr. Paternoster expressed frustration with attempting to get an answer and solution from town departments throughout August.

The council said that the town manager was aware of the problem and will assist in fixing the issue.

Council Chair Thomas Winn was not present to give the chair report for the meeting.

Town Manager Robert Scannell told the council that the town is preparing to release bonds in October and that Standard and Poor’s have begun its rating review of the town’s credit rating.

Mr. Scannell said that the bonds will be released on Tuesday, October 15.

He told the council that the town’s unaudited general fund balance is $6 million, which he said was “good news.”

The council went on to approve several action items and funding for projects.

Council member Anthony DiBona recused himself for a vote to approve a request for a land swap between Lucio DiBona, owner of Lot 7 on Loop Road, and the town of Watertown.

The land swap will trade 16,350 square feet to the town for an addition of 11,660 square feet to Lot 7.

The town will gain 4,744 square feet of land from the swap.

The purpose of the swap is so a driveway can be constructed for a future dwelling on Lot 7.

The council approved the request.

The council discussed allocating $5,000 from the general fund to hire an appraiser to estimate the market value of the Town Hall and Town Hall Annex.

There were questions posed by council members who wondered why they should hire an outside appraiser for the job when the town already has an appraiser.

Council member Louis Razza also commented that he thought that the price was too high.

“It’s part of our due diligence,” said Mr. Scannell, who explained that the outside appraiser would not only give an estimate of the value of the properties, but also give a more accurate account of the damage that the buildings have received over the years.

The council voted unanimously to hire the appraiser.

The council voted to approve the transfer of $600 from the Crestbrook Golf Operation Fund to purchase score cards for the golf course. The cost of the cards has been covered by advertisers who will have their ads on the back of the score cards.

The council voted unanimously to transfer an appropriation of $3,581.98 from the general fund to the Police Department Vehicle Maintenance line for vehicle repairs due to an accident.

The insurance company has reimbursed the town for the accident.

The council approved a transfer of $4,293.52 from the general fund for maintenance supplies for the replacement of a culvert gate on Englewood Avenue. The damage to the culvert was because of a motor vehicle accident. The town has already received reimbursement from the insurance company.

The final action of the meeting was the council approving $4,588 for tax refunds.

Those seeking additional information on the meeting may view the minutes at http://www.watertownct.org/content/10290/4029/13443/34414.aspx.

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