WATERTOWN — The Public Buildings Committee, meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, August 21, discussed the Heminway Municipal Renovation project.

At the beginning of the meeting, Clerk of the Works Gary Martin gave a report on the project.

Due to the heavy rains during the week and the fact that the roof of the building was being repaired, water has gotten into the building.

Mr. Martin expressed concern about the water damage that the rain potentially caused. He told the committee that water has leaked into the newly finished Town Clerk’s vault and that the ceiling of the vault has a water stain.

“I’m very concerned about the entire space,” said Mr. Martin. The Town Clerk’s vault will eventually hold all of the town’s important documents.

Burlington Construction Head Contractor John Kwasniewski was not present at the meeting because he was overseeing the water clean-up for the project.

The committee was hopeful that the water damage will be marginal, and that insurance will cover any expenses caused by rain getting in.

During the meeting, committee member Michael Magas asked about the length of the project. There was concern that the project will be delayed.

Mr. Martin said that the project will most likely be completed in the middle of October. The project was originally scheduled to be completed in August.

The commission next reviewed orders and expenses for the project.

As of Wednesday, August 14 there was $490,800 left over in the project’s contingency fund.

Those seeking additional information about the meeting may visit http://www.watertownct.org/content/10290/6527/34895.aspx.

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